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Special Edition on Omokoroa Golf Year Book
Pink Leow

As per my newsletter dated 9th March regarding the publishing of Omokoroa Golf Year Book, please find below the background and way forward.


At the Club AGM on 4th November 2020 a resolution was passed requesting that the Year Book be produced for upcoming years.

At the Board Meeting on 26th January 2021, the Board advised that the office administration staff did not have sufficient resources to produce the Year Book. All production of the Year Book must therefore be undertaken by the player’s groups.

At the Player’s Committee meeting on 10th February 2021 an example of the “Event Calendar” produced by the Taumarunui golf club was discussed. It was agreed firstly that the Taumarunui format may very well suit our requirements. Secondly, it was agreed that it was not required to include members phone numbers in a Year Book.

Way Forward

Following the Players Committee meeting on 10th February, all players group Captain/Convenor have provided their event listings for the 2021 and January 2022 year. These have now been compiled into a booklet format.

A total of 246 copies have been printed as requested by the player groups Captain/Convenor. If you are not part of the playing group and would like to have a copy of the Year Booklet, please kindly register with the office and pay $2.

It is recognised that once a booklet is printed, any subsequent changes to events will not be reflected in the booklet. Changes will however be reflected on “Event Calendar” on or via email advice/Newsletter from individual player groups Captain/Convenor.

I have also uploaded a copy of the 2021 Booklet to Omokoroa Golf website for on-line viewing or if you prefer to print a copy at home. You will need to login as Member on website.

Click on “Members” à “Golf Year Book” –> “2021 Year Book”.

Due to NZ Privacy Act introduced in December 2020 we must have consent from members before their telephone numbers can be distributed. I have distributed a list of members to all the Player groups Captain/Convenor for them to get consent from their members for distribution within each playing group.

I will be conducting an overview of Omokoroa Golf Club, Golf NZ website and Tee booking via website and the KIOSK machine. Date & time to be advised by the player groups Captain/Convenor in due course.

The Player’s group Committee consists of the Saturday Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain, Vets Captain, 9 Hole Men’s and Women’s Convenor.

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