Event Calendar
Event Calendar

We host a wide variety of competitions and events at the club which will appeal to all competitors, men and women – we would love you to get involved. We have weekly club events and Open Tournaments throughout the season.

Regular weekly club competitions (other than when a tournament is being held):


18H Women
9.00am for 9.30am start 


Vets Competition - All Affiliated Vets Welcome
9am for a 9.30am Multi-tee start 


9H Women: 9.00am
9H Men: 9.30am


18H Haggle - All Affiliated Players Welcome
9am for a 9.30am Multi tee start


18H Men
7.30am - 8.20am
11.10am - 12.30pm

18H Ladies
8.30am - 9.00am (Summer Daylight saving hours)
10.30am - 11am (Winter Hours, outside daylight saving)