Board News
Ken Shirley
  1. Board – General
    The board is making good progress, with the three members appointed in February making a significant contribution.  Ben Van den Borst, is a pharmacist owning his own business and is also an experienced company director.  Max Greer is a chartered accountant and principal of Greer and Co. whilst Keith Roberts is a former prominent businessman in the Wellington region and a high performance golfer.

    The board has a wide range of complementary skills and is functioning in a progressive and harmonious manner.
  2. Financial Management
    We are now 7 weeks into the new financial year, following the change dates approved at the February Special General Meeting.

    A Finance and Audit committee comprising Ben, Max and Ken has been established with a 12-month rolling budget.  Accounting procedures and practices have been reviewed with significant improvements implemented.  The financial outlook is positive.

    The reviewed accounts for the period 1 September 2021 to 31 March 2022 will be circulated for members’ perusal in advance of the next AGM.  We ask that members who have any concerns or issues relating to the accounts notify these to the club manager well in advance of the AGM so that a considered explanations can be given.
  3. Annual General Meeting
    As a consequence of the changed financial year the club’s AGM has been scheduled for Thursday 30th June 2022 at 7.00pm in the clubrooms.

    A formal notice, together with meeting papers will be sent to all members next month.   Our constitution provides that the President, Club Captain and three board positions, together with Course Convenor be elected each year at the AGM.   Nominations for these positions will open on Wednesday May 25th and must be lodged with the Club Manager no later than noon, Thursday 9th June (21 days prior to AGM).  Nomination forms will be available from the club office.

    Vaughan Anderson our former Board Chair and current board member has advised me he   will not be seeking re-election.  I wish to acknowledge the significant contribution that Vaughan has made guiding the club through some very challenging and difficult situations with dignity and aplomb.

    The three board members standing for election will be Keith Roberts, Ben Van den Borst, and Max Greer.  As these three members were appointed by the board to fill vacancies created earlier this year they are required to stand for election at the next AGM.

    I must stress that any eligible club member is entitled to be a candidate for election to the board or any of the other elected positions.
  4. Strategic Plan
    Board member, Lynda Smith has been leading the review of the strategic plan assisted by Marcus, a working group of member representatives and a community stakeholder.   A draft will soon be available for wider consultation amongst members.  In essence we need to determine what type of club we wish to be in the years ahead.  Are we to be strictly member focussed?  Are we to be a more community focussed club?  Or can we be a hybrid of both, and if so, where does the balance lie?
  5. Club and Course Improvements
    The board has adopted a comprehensive schedule for course improvements that has been graphically depicted with timelines and budgets by board member Rob Mitford-Burgess.  This is displayed on the club notice board.

    Our inexhaustible course convenor, Colin Gee, assisted by teams of volunteers have implemented some outstanding works over recent months.  These projects include re-turfing around greens, bunker modifications, additional concrete cart paths, bridge replacements and enhancements, and new flag-sticks.

    Many of these projects have been funded from the player group accounts and these re-investments, that bring benefit to us all, are greatly appreciated.

    The mural on the 13th green toilet block, generously painted by Sue Dark and sponsored by Resene Paints is now complete.  Many thanks to Sue for this contribution.

    The office extension together with re-carpeting and painting (overseen by Swampy), has significantly improved our office,  created a more pleasant working environment for  staff and better flow in the front of house and pro shop for golfers and visitors.

    We must also acknowledge the outstanding work done by members who volunteer on a regular basis to undertake the many tasks that contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of our club along with those volunteers who convene the player groups and organise tournaments under the guidance of our Club Captain, Gail Nicholls.
  6. Foreshore Bund Wall
    Some will have noticed the worrying rate of erosion along parts of the new bund wall, particularly in those situations where the public walkway is now threatened.  The board has confirmed the continuation of the Foreshore Committee comprising David Hughes, Fintan Downes and Brian Currie. This group have overseen and guided a very significant project, liaising with the local councils.  A technical report is in preparation that will provide recommendations for any remedial works that may be required.  To date the Regional Council have been opposed to any hard structures like rock or wood, but this may need reviewing if the bund wall and popular public walkway are to be adequately protected in the longer term.
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