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Women's World
Diana Price

Lovely days equal lovely golf games. On Saturday the field played net with the following results: 1st Julie Howard, 2nd Kellie Orchard, 3rd Maxine Cotter.
The Saturday field continue to play their matchplay challenge for the Jeanie Quaife Cup.

On Tuesday they played Stb: 1st Cathy Berry, 2nd Sue Dark, 3rd Martina Keir.  6 pairs teed off early in order to play the 36 hole Nancy McCormick National event. Although great playing conditions the challenge and results have been filed and are now awaiting for the Saturday players to show what they can do. It is great to see both fields coming out and playing in the spirit of golf with our new members being made welcome.

Also a quick reminder to all the ladies to get their team entries in for the combined ladies’ 15 May, Autumn Tournament. This coming week promises also to be sunny so we may see more of us on the course, hopefully putting better!

Men's World
Hugh Clark

Annan Law Saturday Men's Clubday

This Saturday will be the usual haggle round. Next Saturday the first round of the Reg Carter Trophy will be played. This is the aggregate of three rounds of nett play. Once that is completed, we are into the Omokoroa Cup (Handicap Matchplay). Please check the entry list in the Mens Changing Room to see the dates.

A plea to the early starters to register for the haggle before 8 a.m. so the starter can get groups away on time.

9 Hole Men
Spencer Tankard

We were joined today by 9 members of the Fairview Golf Club 9 Hole Group. They successfully mingled amongst our own players and contributed to a full contingent of 42 players.

The Informal Competition for the day was Bingo~Bango~Bongo, probably not the best choice given that it made for a long day. But a lot of fun all the same.

The format was Net and some very creditable scores were recorded given the slow greens still bedding down after the recent coring.

The Haggle prizes were awarded for the top four Bingo~Bango~Bongo scores on both Front and Back 9’s.

Front 9:
Brett Dixon                  11                   
Laurie Harris               10
Frank Lamborn           10
Tom Hansen               9

Back 9:
Vic Sterling                  11
Peter Hope                  10
Garry Penny               9
Gary Grammer           9

The top 4 Net scorers (not part of the Haggle) were:
Phil Stanbury              29
Ernest Taylor              32
Mike Holibar                33
Chris Lynch                 34

Raffle prizes were won by (Shane Myers, Lynton Holmes and Garry Grammar ( Fairview).

Congratulations to all the winners and a warm welcome to new member Shane Myers. 

Next Thursday is another informal match so get ready to play Hidden Holes. The format will be Stableford.

Manager's Message
Marcus Niles

Traffic Speed
I had a call from a concerned resident who has witnessed young kids playing in the street along Kaylene Place.  They don't seem to be very 'road aware' at times, and she had noticed some cars travelling a bit quickly.  So thats a good reminder to please keep your speed down and be extra vigilent when driving through the neighbourhood.   

Bar Prices
You may notice a slight increase in prices at the bar soon.  Our supply costs have gone up and unfortunately its time to make a small adjustment.

Captains Corner
Gail Nicholls

Approximately 60 players will be competing for the Rosie Tray on Sunday 1 May. There will be a multi-tee start at 9.30am and players are reminded to report to the starter’s office when they arrive.

There is room in the field for additional mixed pairs so please ring the office if you would like to play, and you will be entered into the draw.

Vets Vibes
Steven Ellingford

The Week Just Passed.

A perfect days golf with some very good scores, and some perhaps not so good. Well done Ladies and gentlemen, my thanks to Carole Downs for her computer assistance.

Lois Amaru 37 stb
Robyn Alabaster 36 Stb

Men Div 1
Hap Sutherland 41 Stb
Larry Mahone 39 stb
Ian Howells 38 stb

Men Div 2
Willem Potze 40 stb
Paul Cole 39 stb
Terry Golder 39 stb

Nearest pin Ladies Lesley Sutherland

Sue Waller and Ian Graham are still taking entries for the Naked Meats Shootout.  See them with your $20.00 entry fee.

New Members.
If you are a new member of our Golf Club reading this newsletter – Welcome. If you want to play Vet’s Golf and haven’t done so yet, or you want to receive the occasional email I send to Vet’s players, give me a call on 02102242799 or email Scott at 

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