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COVID Policy
Ken Shirley - Chairman
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Since December last year the club has operated under a “no vaccination/no play” policy.  The vast majority of members have supported this stance.

As you will be aware the situation with COVID 19 has now changed.  With the widespread presence of the Omicron variant within all communities and the inability of the vaccination certificates to record the protective “booster jab” there is currently no logic in continuing the exclusion policy.

The board has therefore decided that non-vaccinated persons will now be able to play golf at our club.  This will be effective immediately and we are very pleased to welcome back those members who have been unable to play with us over the past few months.

Entry to the clubhouse will still be governed by the government’s regulatory framework which currently mandates numerical limits, social distancing and the wearing of facemasks in the hospitality areas (clubhouse).  Entry to the retail space (office) and toilets are not subject to these regulatory mandates, although the wearing of facial masks will remain a requirement for entry to the office.

Vaccine passes, will at this stage remain a pre-requisite for entry to the clubrooms and this will be of particular significance to casual players and visitors who have not had their vaccination passes recorded with the club.

This amended policy is consistent with the position now adopted by most golf clubs within our region and throughout the country.

The government has notified their intention to “open the borders” and progressively remove the mandated restrictions.  However it is always possible that a new variant or adverse circumstances could reverse that trend in government policy.

The board wishes to thank you for your cooperation, understanding and discipline displayed throughout the difficult period of harsh restrictions, which are hopefully now behind us.

While the club’s COVID policy has been amended we must all remain vigilant in upholding the remaining mandated restrictions.  We also remind all players to stay at home and refrain from visiting the course if you are feeling unwell.

Happy golfing.
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