The newly elected members of the board meet for the first time on Monday the 8th November to elect their chair for 2021 -22. The board introduced themselves as follows.

Vaughan Anderson OGC member 7 years and OGC Board chair 2020 -21, retired from building industry.

Fintan Downes OGC member 17 years and previous OGC Board member and Chair, Retired CEO of Construction firm.

David Hughes OGC member 6 years, previous OGC Board member. Consultant Engineer.

Rob Mitford-Burgess OGC member 3 years and OGC Board member 2020 -21. Retired School Principal.

Ken Shirley OGC member 3 years, Retired CEO NZ Transport Forum

Lynda Smith OGC member 2 years, Retired Healthcare CEO

A ballot election was undertaken and scrutineered by our President Swampy. Ken Shirley was elected as Board Chair by majority vote. Ken thanked Vaughan and the previous board for their efforts for what was a challenging year in many respects.

The new board agreed that time was of the essence in both supporting our new Club Manager, Marcus Niles and ensuring that all measures were in place to ensure that the club continued to run in a smooth and efficient manner. The board will meet for their first full meeting on Monday the 15th November.

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