Covid Level 2 - Update Monday 13/9/2021
Deb Rose
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Hi Members,
As you may have heard in the government press release today, there is another week at level 2 for us in Tauranga.
I have therefore now updated the booking sheets for you all so you can put your bookings in up to 7 days in advance.
It is likely, leading into next weeks announcement, I will need to hold bookings back in anticipation of the announcement.  Thanks in advance for your patience.
So, you can now book your Tee spots for this week. Book for the Friday haggle and your Saturday spots. Please remember at this level,  no booking, no game. 
If you do not have online access please call the office.  No one is to just turn up to play. We need you to have booked before you come to the club. Please, please also cancel if you decide not to come. That spot could then be taken by someone else or we could move people forward, even in the haggles.
We ask that everyone signs in using the covid app or office sign in sheet.  This will shortcut notifications out to you all if the virus ends up down here and potentially save hours of administration.   We have as you know already had a scare at the club earlier this year, so we know how important scanning in can be in order to get notified as soon as possible. 
Wash hands with soap, sanitise and wear a mask when in public areas of the club and not eating and drinking.  If you are eating and drinking in the clubhouse you can have masks off.  Remain 2m from staff unless you have a mask and then please keep 1m away.  The bar will be closed Sunday and Monday again this week.  Do not approach the bar without a mask.
We will likely be dropping levels soon but while at level 2 we ask for everyone to follow government guidelines. That is also our recommendation from NZ Golf at this time.
Thank you all for your responsiveness and willingness to keep others safe.  It is appreciated. 

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