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Captain's Corner
Pink Leow
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Golf NZ Covid Level 2 Guidelines

Golf NZ has now issued the Guidance for Golf Clubs and Facilities at Alert Level 2 as at 9 September 2021. You can read the article on

Note item (9) and (11). It is recommended that exchanging of score cards should be avoided.

Jack Turner and Mexted Trophy
I am planning to run both the Jack Turner and Mexted Trophy Tournament on Sunday, 26th September. It’s not practical during level 2 to put the Start sheet in the office so I will be calling around for entries. It will be a $10 entry, including Twos.

This is an 18 Hole Mixed Pair Tournament, with Jack Turner being an Individual Stableford Tournament whilst Drawn Pairs for the Mexted Trophy.

2019 Winners for the Mexted Trophy were Diane Hughes and Hap Sutherland. And the winners for Jack Turner Individual Stableford were Diane Hughes and Gren Alabaster. 2020 Winners were COVID-19.

Men's World
Hugh Clark
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Annan Law Saturday Men’s Club Day

At last we are back playing in a Saturday haggle. This week the final round of the Seniors Strokeplay Championship will be played off the white tees.

The Intermediate, Junior and Presidents (C-Grade) divisions will all be played next Saturday 18th September. All divisions will play off the white tees and the scoring will be nett rounds.

Qualifying for the A-One Kitchens and Interiors Shootout will be stableford points. We have missed a number of Saturday rounds for the Shootout due to the COVID lockdowns, so players in the competition should seize every chance to improve their positions on the ladder.

Saturday Ladies
Liz Woods
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This week - Saturday Ladies 

Saturday Ladies we now start at 10:15am this week giving plenty more spaces to join into groups. This is because our time slots allocated to us as we were full from 10:30 to 10:44, so have been allocated a few more. Don't forget to make a tee booking.

Our comp this week is putting, so don't forget to count your putts separately to your stableford points. (It should be on your card) Thanks Di for setting this up for us. It is highly likely that we may not all catch up with numbers in the clubhouse limited, however hopefully you will at least see a few of your golfing buddies.

Vet's Vibes
Scott Gwynne
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The Week Ahead

Next Wednesday Vet’s competition is a Stableford competition and the Shootout continues.

Week just been

Well …. Down to Level 2 (again), back to golf (again), back to crappy weather (again). It has been one hell of a year so far and we have had our fair share of hiccups. It never ceases to amaze me though how positive and resilient our Vet’s group is. We keep bouncing back with plenty of enthusiasm. A good number of players booked tee of times for Wednesday but the weather forecast, and early morning showers saw the numbers of those out on the course dwindle somewhat. None the less the last few weeks break from golf was good for some. Well done John Herder (41pts), Ken Joyce (38) and Terry Golder (37) for showing the way in the Men’s field and to Donna Dyer for leading the Ladies home. John Herder also took a huge leap up the qualifying order in the Men’s Shootout.

There are a few matters to keep in mind while we are playing under Level 2 conditions and making tee bookings to play in the Vet’s Haggle-

1. Please take the earliest available tee slot when making a booking for yourself or your group

2. If you book a tee time and are unable to, or decide not to play, please cancel your tee booking

3. If you withdraw part way through your round please let one of the starters or the office staff know so they can cancel your scorecard on the computer.

Events coming up

Events that people may be interested are.

- 15 September, Second Rounds of Grandma and Grandpa Trophies.

- 4 October, Men’s Omokoroa Country Estate Quad’s, Omokoroa. Because we are likely to still be at Level 2 each Club will be strictly limited to 25 players. The entry form is in the Men’s locker room.

- 17-18-19 November, 3-day mixed pairs, Match play, Omokoroa

If you are a new member of our Golf Club reading this newsletter – Welcome. If you want to play Vet’s Golf and haven’t done so yet, give me a call on 02102242799 or email me at

Admin Update
Deb Rose
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Not much from me today, just a cute pic of my first day of lockdown born,  cavoodle/spoodle puppies.

Also, a massive thank you to everyone for your help with getting Level 2 Protocol happening so well in the club and for all booking in your tee times.
Please take the time to cancel your tee booking if you can not make it.  That will stop us waiting for you to arrive and we can let someone else book in.

A reminder to please wear a mask when approaching the bar and office desk staff. And also whenever your around others in the club house. But no mask needed in club house when eating or drinking. Maintain a 1m distance. Please do not move the furniture.

Covid Humor for today

Day 121… I’m at home and the dog is looking at me like…

“See Mum - This is why I chew the furniture!”

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