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Covid - Delta Level 2 Conditions

It is important that we accept, that in this current environment, nothing is black and white and each of us will have different views on what should and shouldn't be. Please respect your fellow golfers and our club staff and keep them and yourselves safe.

Club Protocol in level 2 requires the following: 

QR Tracking is required. If you don't have the app you must manually register on the sheets provided in the office. 

Masks must be worn whenever in the golf club buildings or in the close proximity of people.  Barriers may be set up for staff/volunteers so they can maintain a 2m working distance and not wear a mask.  Please respect their work space. 
The Tee Booking system is to be used by everyone playing the course. If you are playing in a Haggle then book within your allocated Haggle times. If you are not in a Haggle please do not book a time in that space, look for the casual spots. 
Book yourself in to play at a time of your choice and with players of your choice. Be on the course 20 minutes before your tee off time.  Do not congregate in groups if you are not playing with those people. Be at your tee ready to tee off at your allocated time.
Obtain your card from a Kiosk ... sanitise your hands before and after. If using eftpos use sanitiser provided.  Avoid Cash where possible and try and have the correct change before you get to the club.
Play your round of golf - restrictions on the course will be similar to, if not the same as last time - Don't handle the flags in the holes, there will be no rakes in the bunkers, no access to ball washers etc...etc.

After your round you can use the club house facilities.  New covid rules dictate a maximum of 50 people are allowed in the clubhouse at any one time.  You are also required to wear a mask unless eating or drinking inside the main club area.
After your game, enter your score, have a drink and a chat with your playing group ensuring social distancing is maintained and head away home, making room for those coming off the course after you.

Do not move tables or chairs around in the clubhouse at level 2.
If bar services are provided please ensure that you do not gather in groups at the bar.  There is to be one person at the bar at a time. The bar will be closed Sunday and Monday.

Their will be sandwiches and pies available on days bar is open and they will be pre-packaged to allow contactless purchase. Please support Jarrod as he provides this service for us. 
There will be no prize-giving on club competition days at level 2.  The captains of your groups will arrange how prizes for haggles are to be collected.

These instructions are intended to provide a format for us to get up and going again with usual competitions.  Common sense prevails and please be kind to others. 

Covid humor to lighten your day
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Knock knock.
Who is there?
Seriously, don’t touch my door and get back 6 meters to social distance.
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