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Firstly, how nice it was to see all of you who made it to play today and yesterday, our first 2 days back at Level 3 golf.  What great weather we ended up with for the two days.
A few things that came up:
Covid Tracer Scanning
Please remember to bring a mobile phone with a downloaded covid tracing app and scan in on arrival.  As this is a business we are now required to get everyone to scan in. This is so you receive an alert right away to your phone should this club be listed as a place of interest and you were here in the time.  
The government have introduced a fine for people who visit places and do not scan in.  We won't be policing that but I have placed scan in QR codes on both 1 and 10 tees and there are several around the clubhouse to make that easier.  There will be a sign-in sheet placed outside the office for people who do not have a phone.  Please sanitise before using this shared touchpoint. 
Clubhouse and Toilets
These are closed at level 3 and the shop/office is not to be entered by anyone who is not staff.  Please use the toilet before leaving home.
There are 48 registered bubbles so far at the office.  If you are in those bubbles these nominated persons become your golf bubble for the entirety of level 3.  You can not drop that person and add someone else.  Be wise therefore whom you choose for your bubble.

Do not put yourself down to play alongside a single golfer who is not in your bubble.  A few did that and you can not.  They do not want a stranger joining their bubble.  They will be playing alone.

People playing with an extended bubble partner are still allowed to play also with those who live in their home bubble as well. So you might see someone for example out with their wife one day and their golf bubble friend the next.  These bubbles are what we have registered at the office.
If you have someone from your bubble who does not play golf but wants to walk around/drive around with you, that is allowed.  They are not members though so they must not play golf.
Deep Clean
The clubhouse has today undergone a deep clean and all touchpoints have been sanitised.  The external toilets will get done tomorrow. They are closed to members at this time. This is so when we go back to level 2 we are starting off clean. Let's hope that is not too far off.
Stay safe everyone and be kind to our staff in the office.
Melissa Thursday, Sue, the 3 days over the weekend and Sandra Monday and Tuesday.  I will be homeschooling and on my laptop at home until next Wednesday. Heaven help me. 

Covid humor to lighten your day
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If I keep stress-eating at this level, the buttons on my shirt will start socially distancing from each other
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