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Newsletter Day
Deborah Rose
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Some of the players groups asked if the newsletter could be published on a Friday. This is so that all players groups have time to get in their reports.  I have checked in and the consensus seems to be to give it a whirl.

So this week you will be seeing the newsletter on Friday and then it will be weekly Friday beyond that.

Captains Corner
Pink Leow

8TH Hole Re-opening

Nathan has given the go ahead for the re-opening of the 8th Hole next Tuesday 8th June. In conjunction with this, there will be a “Drop Zone” which may be used by players who hit their tee shot into the pond. Please note that the “Drop Zone” is not an option for anyone hitting their tee shot out of bounds. Players using the “Drop Zone” must take a one shot penalty and play 3 from the “Drop Zone” – the ball must be dropped and cannot be teed up again.

Playing Condition on ScoreCard

Our fairways can get muddy over the winter period, we have a local rule with 1 Club Length Clean & Place on all mown Fairways. All playing condition(s) will now be printed on score cards (which may include Bunker as GUR). Now you don’t have to shout across the fairway in case you forget to read the whiteboard.

Roast Dinner with Music

Jarrod will be putting on an (almost) mid-winter dinner on Friday, the 23d July with live music. Cost will be $23 per head, to be pre-paid when booking a table with Jarrod. Get in quick as the last quiz night dinner was a sell out.  

Board Talk

Board Changes
With the resignation of Noel Benstead from the Board, we wish to express our gratitude for the support and service he gave to our club, during his time on the Board. Robert Lee has now been seconded onto the Board and we believe that the contributions he can make, particularly with his extensive financial and accounting experience and skills, will benefit the club greatly.

Nathan in his Greenkeepers report, shared the following:
  • Bay Shaping are expected to start their work on the Bunkers this month.
  • The new men’s tee on the 9th, is to be laid this week. Please be aware that a temporary men’s tee will be placed on the existing woman’s tee block.
  • In line with the opening of the new 8th hole, a ‘drop zone’ is being created.
  • It is planned to remove the trees directly behind the 7th Green and a post and rail will be built, along with the selection and planting of a preferred species of trees.
  • The majority of the 14th Tee retaining wall has been found to be strong and safe...where this has not been found to be the case, posts will be replaced. To further improve the integrity of the wall, a railing will run along the top.
  • Nathan apologises for the tyre mark indentations left on the course after the lime spread. He has assured the Board that this will not reoccur in the future and reassured us that the course will even out in good time.
  • Comment had been made by members that the fairways are cut too short. Nathan said that he is cutting at 15mm, which is reflective of what other courses in the area are doing.

The Board expressed their gratitude for Nathan’s ongoing efforts.

Cart paths
Thank you to Fintan for developing a Cart path plan, including costs to date. The plan for the 9th tee path has had to be altered because of water pooling. A further cart path is planned for the 6th/7th holes.

A sub-committee has been formed in order to review our current membership categories. It is planned that this review will be done in time to present to the AGM.

Health and Safety
A Health and Safety Statement is currently being written in order to be posted on our Club’s Website and possibly the player’s hand book.

It is timely that we review the club’s Health and Safety protocols and practices and in this regard, the Board are setting up a sub-committee.

The Board wishes to thank club members for participating in the survey that Deb initiated. We are obviously most pleased with the high percentage of players who indicated satisfaction with the Club at present. Suggestions as to possible improvements have certainly been noted and shared with relevant parties.  

Finally, the Board recognise that there has been a groundswell of enthusiasm amongst members for an improvement of our clubhouse. On this basis, our Club President along with Board members are going to investigate this further.

Admin Update
Deborah Rose
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Scorecard changes
You will notice that the course playing conditions (i.e play the lie, GUR, or clean and place etc) will now print out on your score card. Keep and eye out and ask for help if unsure.

There is also an update to the cards regarding cart use being restricted over winter to cart paths and rough areas.

From Tuesday assuming the new 8th hole is able to open, the stroke indexes will be updated as that changes back to a par 4 also and that will update your cards also.

Cart Use
Those using carts on the course over winter are asked to please stick to the cart path and rough areas to protect our course. This now appears on our scorecards also and visitors should be getting a gentle reminder from our office staff.

Big Thank you to over a third of our members who participated. I have passed those results onto the board and areas affected by feedback.  I will produce a summery for you for the Friday newsletter this week. Watch this space.

Clothing and Golf Balls gone from Shop
If you were waiting to purchase those new balls or that new shirt. Too late! This stock from our sponsor "The Clubroom" has now been removed. Jim has assured me though he will look after our Omokoroa members if you go into Tauranga and spend up with those vouchers you all pocket each week.
We do have some new clothing and golf ball and glove stock coming to replace what's gone but are waiting on our suppliers. Keep this in mind and plan ahead as we may not have what you need.

Possible 18th Hole changes
As per Rob Mitford-Burgess's contribution later in this newsletter under heading "2021 Works planner update", I have been asked to reiterate that the proposal re a change to our finishing hole is only that, a proposal/possibility and is merely being looked into. 

It is a proposal only and a feasibility study is being done by Kieran Muir, Rob and Nathan as a part of that.  There is a lot to consider when thinking about this as a possibility.  I suggest if you have any burning thoughts regarding this Rob is a good one to approach.  He will also be talking to the players committee about their findings so they can feed back to the members.  

Woman's World
Diane Hughes
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Saturday ladies’ Pennants match scheduled for last Sunday was postponed due to heavy rain and a subsequently soggy course at Otumoetai. More time to practice for what is now the first round of matchplay Pennants at Omanu on 20 June.

The Matchplay Championships are underway and so this week we watched a video on matchplay rules and had a short discussion on matchplay etiquette. There are numerous videos on You Tube of ‘How to have the killer instinct in matchplay’ so if you’d like to develop that ability, ladies, check them out!

Local Newspaper Feature
Ladies’ golf is now featuring regularly in ‘The Lizard’ thanks to the eloquent pen of Sue Thomson. It’s great to have golf represented in a local newspaper and this month we took almost a whole page with text and photos of recent events and achievements.

On a sad note, our thoughts are with Maria King whose husband Peter passed away last Saturday. Arohanui Maria from us all.

Men's World
Hugh Clark
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Annan Law Saturday Men’s Club Day
After the Saturday haggle was cancelled last week, the qualifying for the final 32 to go through to the Omokoroa Cup will be played this week. You can play in either the 7.30 start or the 11.00 start groups but please write the letter “Q” on the top of your scorecard if you want to be in the Handicap Matchplay Event. The first round losers will go into a knockout draw for the Presidents Trophy.

Eagles Golf
A number of Omokoroa players participated in the Omanu Event held on Sunday. Wilson Tamaki brought his A game to win with 41 points.

The next Eagles Event is the Omokoroa Foursomes on the 27th of June.

We would like to see a big turnout of our members as well as the Eagles. The pairs competition sees one player teeing of the Odd holes and the other off the even holes and thereafter hitting alternately until holing out. It is only a $15 entry with a good prize table is good value. Put your names on the list in the office and pay on the day.

9H Men
Spencer Tankard

An excellent turnout of 38 contenders for the opening round of Matchplay.

It’s going to be interesting to see who can maintain consistency over the next couple of weeks to take out the top prizes?

Being matchplay there was no haggle but there was a raffle.

The raffle winners were:

  • Sam Bartosh
  • Spencer Tankard
  • Denis Mason

Good luck to all for the remaining rounds.

9h Ladies
Lyn Harrison

Results 27.5.21

Stableford R3

Jacqui Crossfield 21
Daisy Harrison 20
Debbie Hardaker 20
Gail Latham 19
Rohanne Hancock 19

Sue Bunt Salver has been won by Rohanne Hancock who had the lowest aggregate of 2 out of 3 Nett rounds. Rohanne’s card has now been forwarded to the District Association.

Results for this week

Haggle was Hidden Holes.

Front 9:
Jacqui Crossfield 8
Robyn Lusby 7
Debbie Hardaker 7

Back 9:
Mara Mayo 10
Dianna O’Brien 8
Robyn King 8

2021 Works planner update
Rob Mitford-Burgess
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2021 Planner update (See updated plan attached to newsletter)

· Item 1. 2021 Planner. (Attached) Have updated to recognise the contributions from the various committees to the Bunker refurbishment programme. This is now active and Nathan is working with Bay Shapers to develop the work schedule. The work to be done on each of the bunkers will be determined by Nathan in consultation with Bay Shapers and Kieran Muir.

· Item 2. 2021 Planner. As the request to consider the practice fairway as the finishing hole is significant, this project has now been added to the 2021 planner so that the membership will recognise it as a proposal only at this stage, not a “fait accompli “.

A number of factors have to be considered regarding alternative practice facilities and future clubhouse development. The first meeting with interested parties (board members, player’s representatives, Nathan and Kieran Muir) will take place on site within 2 weeks of this board meeting. (Attached is a fairway plan with information to assist discussion)

· Item 3. 2021 Planner. The hardpan programme will commence at the start of the Spring growing season.

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