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Captains Corner
Pink Leow
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You just can’t miss Colin Gee on the golf course with those striking golf pants. He was spotted playing with his friend showcasing how you can look sharp on the golf course! As the saying goes, you need to look the part!

Bunker Improvement

Many thanks to the players group for helping to fund the bunker improvement project. This will improve a number of bunkers on the course with some reshape, drainage and bunkers deepening. You can refer to the Course Improvement chart by the Club Entrance foyer for more information. Rob and Nathan will prepare a schedule for the work that will be weather dependent and cause minimal disruption to the playing of golf

8th Hole update

I am meeting with Nathan, KD and Kieran Muir today to review the start date of opening the new 8th hole and also, the implementation of a drop zone – for any players who go directly into the pond off the tee. This should be in place by the time the new tee is open for play. I will provide more information next week.

Womans World
Diane Hughes
Hidden Holes
This week we played a hidden holes stableford. The holes in question, revealed after the event, were 2, 3, 11, 13, 17 and 18. Winning with a score of 15 was Brenda Arnesen on the countback from Libby Hobson.
Libby won a golf ball for landing her tee shot nearest the pin on 11 (even if she did take the scenic route for getting it there) and yet another ball for sinking the same shot for a two.

Well done to our Pennants team for finishing 4th at the Mount in Monday’s matchplay competition. The selectors will be looking at current and recent form before choosing the team to represent us at Te Puke on 14 June. Good luck and good golfing to our Saturday ladies’ Pennants team playing at Otumoetai on Sunday.

Thanks to Captain Pink
Pink volunteered to upskill members on how to use the Omokoroa golf website and showed us how to do an online booking. I’m sure those who stayed would have found it a valuable exercise. Thanks Pink!

Men's World
Hugh Clark

Annan Law Saturday Men’s Club day

As part of the haggle this week, the top 32 players will qualify for the Omokoroa Cup which is the Handicap Match-play Championships. The knockout competition will start a week later on the 5th June and continue through to the final on 3rd July.

The first round losers will go into a plate event and compete for the Presidents Trophy. When you register with the starters on Saturday please mark your card with a “Q” on the top to show you are available to play. The Winners and Runners-up of both Trophies will qualify for the Grand Slam Cup at the end of the year.

Reg Carter Trophy

Congratulations to big hitting Dale Courtney for winning Reg this year. Darren Tumai finished second with some outstanding chipping. Good luck in the Grand Slam Cup.

Interclub Handicap Match-play for the Laing Cup

Omokoroa have entered a team for this event which will commence in the near future. The draw is still to be done, but players keen to represent the Club should speak to Hugh Clark or Steve Davis.


Admin update
Deborah Rose
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What’s new in the shop this week??

For those who like an adjustable tee or a pink or blue tee to match outfits. These might be the ones for you…

OGC Survey

Thank you to the 255 members who have given feedback in the survey so far. That gives a great cross-section. You are all very much appreciated. I will be passing all your feedback onto the board at the next meeting.

If you have not yet taken part and would like to, this is your last chance to do so, click here: 

Remember as you do please that you do not have to be rude to get your point across. 

Omokoroa Country Estate sponsorship

You will see our new main sponsors signage has gone up on the club house, near the 10th and two of our carts have had an OCE makeover.  All looking very smart.  There will be photos to come next week with the new sponsors.  Any residents of OCE who can be apart of that picture please contact Allan Winter for the time.

Winter Conditions

It’s getting wetter and with that comes the annoyance of grass sticking to everything. Please make sure you remove shoes worn on the course before entering the club house. There is an air compressor near the ladies room which can be used by members to blow grass off trundlers, carts and shoes as well.

Contacting office

We have 2 computers here at the club office now.
The shop which is for all general enquiries, accounts and the shop and mostly monitored by Sandra and Sue.

Or for all Administration management queries: My new address or which is now only monitored by myself. If you need to contact me directly then this is your best method. I also have a laptop and check these at home.

Members Invoicing

There has been a problem with Dot Golf sending out membership renewals. Their email billing system has had a bug. I have been told this is now fixed. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell who has missed out on their invoice. I will be resending all unpaid, already issued invoices in case you have not received yours, over the coming week.

Reminder that we are using a prorata system to line everyone up with the 1 April annually. So everyone’s fees will be different until then based on their original sign up date. You will not get your invoice until your rollover month and all new members are calculated now from the day they join going forwards.

As we get closer and closer to our new year end (31 March 2021) the annual membership fees will get smaller to reflect the limited portion of the year remaining. With the new full charge for all coming on the 1st April 2022.

Formula used for Membership fees

Have had a number of queries re the formula we are using for memberships and how they are calculated.  Here it is:
 1. Members annual membership (and levies if applicable) charge divided by 365 days. This gives us a daily charge for each component.

2. Then we calculate days between sign up/rollover date and 31 March 2021 inclusive.

3. Multiply the days left of membership by the membership calculated daily charge from step 1 and levies rates if applicable.

4. This will give the remaining membership fee and levies fees for the year to be paid.

5. 1 April 2022 all members will pay the full annual charge and the computer will then roll this over for us automatically each year from then.

Please feel free to come and see me in person if you still have questions or feel an error has been made. I am very happy to assist.

Sorting out the 650 members different start dates and varying membership types has been a challenge as a new person and I know some of you have needed the office to correct your invoices. Thanks for your patience and thank goodness next year the computer does it automatically!!

You can email concerns to me :

9 hole Men
Spencer Tankard

Thursday competition
Winter struggled to shake off Autumn last Thursday with a cloudless sky and almost perfect playing conditions for our 9 Hole Strokeplay Final.

A strong contingent of 37 players made for a good contest. The format was Gross and the top players came to the fore as we would expect.

The Top 5
In the Strokeplay Rankings for both rounds were:

Division 1:

  • Tom Hansen 89 Winner
  • Ted Parker 92 Runner-up
  • Allan Hoskins 94
  • Frank Brown 96
  • Roy Kerr 98

Division 2:

  • Colin Griffiths 103 Winner
  • Frank Baggenstos 104 Runner-up
  • Michael Houghton 106
  • Spencer Tankard 107
  • Bruce Blair 108

The Haggle money went to:

Division 1:

  • Tom Hansen 44
  • Chris Lynch 45
  • Bob Duckworth 46
  • Steve Crossfield 46
  • Ted Parker 46

Division 2:

  • Michael Houghton 50
  • Kevin Crossman 52
  • Murray Wills 52
  • Frank Baggenstos 52
  • Bruce Blair 53

Steve Crossfield scored a 2 on #11 with a perfectly executed chip right out of the bunker. He wouldn’t stop crowing about it!

Some good performances and congratulations to all the winners.

Next Thursday we play the first round of Match-play.

9 hole Ladies
Lyn Harrison

‘Last of the summer…. Golf ‘

sunshine and 20 degrees was the order of the day.

Net stableford haggle: Molly Dean 31, Lyn B 33, Trish Frecklington, Debbie Hardaker, Dianne Mahony 34.

Interclub at Fairview

Last week was played in tough conditions. Heavy rain overnight and bleak cold weather. Omokoroa is 3rd equal with Omanu behind Tauranga and Whakatane in the competition. Thanks to Dianne, Yvonne, Rohanne and Robyn for representing us.

Health and Safety Update


Please note the 14th tee is a notable hazard for us. The wall to the tee block is not stable and should not be stepped on. Signage has been put up. Please take care as accidents have been happening here.

Health and Safety Committee

We are putting together a Health and Safety committee here at the course. If you have a keen interest in this area or previous employment experience, then this could be a great place for you to get involved and share your wealth of knowledge. Please pass your name onto Deborah at the office or email her :

Hazards and Injuries

If you see a notifiable hazard out on the course, eliminate it right away if you can for the safety of others.  When not possible notify course staff right away.

The best way to report a hazard or near miss is in writing via email to the office so we have a written record. It should then be passed on by us to the department in charge of the area for elimination or repair and rectification.
Injury or notifiable safety event on the course

If you have an injury/near miss while out on the course and you feel it was due to a course hazard, structure and something we could improve. Please email the office so we can keep a record of this in our Health and Safety folder and make our course safer for everyone.


Thank You to our Volunteers
Thank you to all those who helped out with the concreting last week for the new paths.  We really are grateful and our course is now able to be open more wet days because of all the amazing work being done out there.
Thanks to, to the unseen heroes of our club who are out there every day mowing, gardening, repairing things, moving cones and barriers you know who you are and the hours you put in and your very much appreciated.
Omokoroa Golf Club
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