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Captains Corner
Pink Leow
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Thanks to our Quiz Master (Neil Howard)  for a great evening and the winning team “Unstable-ford” have the bragging rights with a very commendable 74 points.

I have to say the best dressed team for the night were “The Khizz Wids” (see photo) who really looked the part.  Well done to everybody else who got dressed up for the night.

Just a few updates from me this week.

Paspalum on the course

Have you noticed a guy carrying a 12kg weed killer solution on his back going around the golf course lately? Many thanks to Colin Gee for your hard work with spraying out the Paspalum.

As per Nathan’s advice, take a free drop on the Fairway should the golf ball land on all the sprayed Paspalum area as the couch is now growing around the dry patch.

7th Hole & 8th Hole

For the 7th hole, please give yourself a Stableford score of “2” when the hole is unplayable. We will let you know in due course when it is playable. Should your ball land over the fence take a drop where it crossed the fence with the loss of a penalty stroke.

The 8th hole is now a Par 3 and some of the Stroke indexes at the front 9 have been changed. 

Please do NOT attempt to retrieve your ball over the fence as it is a construction site. 

4th Hole

Please note on the Local Rules Board # 5, the wooden structure to the left of the bunker on the 4th hole is an immovable object. There is relief if you are in the bunker if it affects your swing or stance. (Refer to Rule 16.1c) 

Mens World
Hugh Clark

Annan Law Saturday Men’s Club Day

This week we play the 2nd round of the Carroll Cup which is the best 3 out of 4 nett scores off the white tees. The “A-One Kitchens and Interiors” Shootout qualifying is up and running now, so anyone wishing to join in must pay the entry of $40 before their scores count. This year we are using stableford scores to determine the top 19 for the final in November. Good luck to those entered. You can check the scores each week on the “my golf” website under the competitions heading.

Pennants Interclub Golf Competition

The draw and entry lists are on the notice board in the Men’s changing room. We have four teams in different divisions playing this season, with matches played on Sundays. We do compensate players ball and lunch money and if there is long distance involved will contribute travel money. If you do represent the Club we have sponsored shirts for sale ($25) that are available. Information about Pennants is on the BOP Golf website.

A couple of reminders

All members please don’t park your golf carts in front of the Clubhouse. We like to keep the vista looking out and don’t want too much wear on the grass. It makes walking to and from the practice putting green easier as well.

Also please take care retrieving balls out of holes. There has been a bit of damage to the edges of holes.

Finally do make any visitors playing in our haggles welcome and feel free to introduce them to our President, Swampy or me as the Men’s Club Captain. A friendly chat makes a huge impression.

The Green Shed

Work is progressing very well on the foreshore project and hopefully the work alongside the 7th will be completed within the next week and we can open the hole back up permanently - though there will still be safety fencing.

Please remember the following:

1. If your ball is on the fairway on hole 16 you must tee up your ball for your next shot.

2. You are not allowed inside the safety fencing around the course at any time.

3. If your ball is inside the safety fencing on the 7th hole you are deemed to be in the hazard.

4. If your ball is inside the safety fencing on the 8th hole you are deemed to be Out of Bounds.


Mens World Update
Spencer Tankard

We finished off our final Thursday of informal play with a game of Bing-Bango-Bongo.

The game is a lot of fun to play and we discovered that the only thing missing from our Golf Bags was a TAPE MEASURE!!

I hope there weren’t too many squabbles over the order of putting??

I must apologise to all 28 of you for not clearly sorting out scoring in advance of play and not clearly explaining to you all the your Stableford score was going to be important in determining the final result.

Next time we will play Stableford and add the Bingo-Bango-Bongo scores to your Stableford total. This will ensure a comprehensive result!

We did find 3 worthy Prize Money winners in:

1 Jerry Collins 11
2 Roy Kerr 10
3 Dave Smith 10

The 3 Raffle prizes were won by:

Jarrod - $10 (our chef)
Max Ritchie - Wine
Allan Winter - Chocolates

Next Thursday is the Official Opening Day for our 9-Hole Group.

It will be another Fun Day playing Combined Stableford with Mixed Pairs.

On completion of all rounds, all player's cards will be collected, shuffled, and split into 2 stacks.

Pairs will be determined by cards drawn in succession from each stack. Bring your best game!

There will also be a selection of Mystery Prizes for those of you who like more than one surprise.

Please note that there has been a change in our program.

The Vet’s 3 Day Tournament has been moved from 11th Feb to 18th Feb.

Accordingly, we will be starting our Official Competition at Omokoroa on 11th Feb playing Par off 3 Tees

Our 18th Feb round will be an Away Game - course yet to be determined.

Happy Golfing!

Convener 9 Hole Group
021 273 0459

Information Required
Stolen Trees
On Saturday 30 January 2021 between 8.-00-8.30am thieves removed trees from the new garden box adjacent to the club cart path near the 11th hole.
The owners would be very interested if any members noticed a white van parked on the section at that time. Vehicle make and model would be helpful.
Please phone Des 0274 805 085, 9 Valabrina Drive 

Club Results

Did you know all club results can be seen here:

The Week that was
Deborah Rose
Thank you to everyone who has been in to pay your fees through until the 31st March.  Reminder we are aligning all memberships over the coming year so invoicing will reflect that alignment.

Welcome to all our new members:
Bill Abraham, James Abraham, Bob Agnew, Brian Barnes, Michael Craig, Keegan Hugo, Maree Lawson, David Martin, Christine Millward, Olly Smythe, Valerie Umbers, Dennis Van De Mass, Alan White 
Club Opening
 Well done to Pink and her team for a wonderful opening event in our Quiz.  What fun everyone had who came. Top turnout.
If you're on Facebook then please pop on over to our new Facebook page.  We are now updating with event photos and promoting events through there and would love all our members on board.  You will also get to see some of our quiz photos there from Friday. Link below: 
ALL Playing Visitors 
 All non-members/visitors going onto the course are now to sign in, in the office. There is a clipboard at reception for them to do this.  We do not want any groups going around the course without registering first.
Carts and Motorised vehicles
All members using these need to come into the office please and put yourself on the register.  We will be following up through the players groups.  
Omokoroa Golf Club
07 5480384
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