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The Green Shed
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As advised last week, work has now commenced on stage 2 of the foreshore reconstruction. The first work to be done will be alongside the 7th hole, and therefore the 7th hole will be closed for play. Players will need to proceed from the 6th green to the temporary 8th tee. It is expected that the work alongside the 7th should be completed in approximately 10 days, at which time the hole will be re-opened for play.

The temporary 8th tee is located approximately 120 metres from the current 8th green. It is expected that this hole will continue to be played at this length firstly to the existing green and then to a temporary green while the bund is constructed and the green reshaped and partly moved. It is expected that this work should be completed by the end of April.

NOTE: Thursday morning holes 8+9 will be closed to allow contractors to tree fell.  Should be complete by 9.30am 

Captains Corner

Pink Leow

 As the saying goes “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work”. I have had a lovely R&R at Coromandel and now fully charged for our Club Opening Fun night on 29th January.

Quite a few updates from me this week as we have few changes on course matters and events.

16th Hole

With effective from 29th January (Friday), the 16th Hole will be back in play as Par 4. This would also mean the Stroke Index for the back 9 will revert to its original setup.

I would like to thank all the Volunteers and Green keepers for the hard work in getting the new couch fairway and cart path looking so smart. And thanks to all the members for your patience during the course upgrade. Attached a photo taken this morning from the 16th Tee.


7th Hole & 8th Hole

JMC has started fencing off along the 8th Fairway and also on the 7th fairway along the hazard area. Please refer to update from “The Green Shed” for more details.

For the 7th hole, please give yourself a Stableford score of “2” when the hole is un-playable for the next 10 days. In the meantime, I will arrange with Dotgolf to change the 8th Hole to a Par 3 and there will also be changes made to the Stroke Indexes. I am hoping to get the changes done by Friday 29th January.

Club Opening Day (29th January – Quiz Night)

SOLD OUT !!  All 13 tables booked. For those who have already got your gear for the night, you may start thinking of a team name. Anyway, regardless of rain or heat, we will have a fun Quiz night. Bar opens from 5pm, Food platter from 6pm and Quiz from 7pm. If you have registered and paid, see you then.

Twilight Golf

I would like to thank Sharon Dobson & Swampy for volunteering to help run Twilight since October. Swampy and I will now run this event till the end of the Twilight season (31st March). Please kindly note the latest Tee off time is 5:30pm. Swampy will continue to do his Raffles tickets sale and Sausage sizzle after golf. Look out for the new Twilight format from October.

Mens World Update
Hugh Clark

Annan Law Saturday Men’s Club Day

This week we play the first round of the Carroll Cup which is the best 3 out of 4 nett rounds off the white tees. Roy Hyland is the defending winner and is keen to retain the cup.

The Summer Cup was concluded last Saturday with Nick Gray winning by 2 shots from Brett Dingle and  Alan Thomson, Richard Apanui, Ben Van den Borst and Steve Davis all a four-way tie for 3rd. Well done Nick!

Congratulations to Kieran Muir on scoring a hole-in-one on the 4th having a practice round with John Keats. Not sure how many aces Kieran has nailed but it is always a thrill.

We hope to be playing on the 16th fairway on Saturday and will use a tee off the fairway to protect the new grass. Obviously, it will go back to being a par four. The 8th hole tees are now halfway down the fairway so after you have played the hole add an extra stroke to your score. We will play the 7th as normal, but the fairway is narrower with the fencing in place. If you do go past the fence, take a drop where it crossed the fence with the loss of a stroke.

5 Course Classic

Congratulations to Hayden Nganeko on being 3rd in the Men’s Division 1 group and Jordan Shaw who was 9th. Martin Jordan was a close 4th in Division 3 while the remainder of the Omokoroa entrants were scattered throughout the divisions. The event is now run by Par NZ and was a most enjoyable week playing with a lot of good people.

There are quite a number of Omokoroa Members going to Queenstown to play in the Mount Michael Central Otago Autumn Golf Classic on April 12th - 16th, which is also run by Par NZ.

Vet's Vibes


Scott Gwynne 

Entries close for the February 3 Day Pairs Tournament on Tuesday the 2nd of February ... As it stands at the time of typing this article we have 28 female pairs and 38 male pairs entered.  The door is about to close on you if you have not already entered and paid your entry fee.  

I am still looking for volunteers for 17/18/19 Feb ... flick me a text on 02102242799 or email me at  if you can spare a few hours here and there. 

BOP Vets at Rotorua on Monday was an interesting affair.  The weather was sizzling hot, our golf anything but!!  However we can blame earthquakes for that and our putts not holding their line due to the earth moving beneath our feet.  

Events coming up are the commencement of the Vet's Men's & Ladies Shootout and Interclub with Waihi.   Keep an eye out for those dates.  I will post them in due course but they are on the Omokoroa Golf Club Website .....  

Results for 20 January 2021

No Vet's haggle was played due to the course being closed for the Five Day Classic.

Results can be viewed on-line at .....


One last thing .... I hope everyone has read Jonathon's blurb on phase 2 of the Waterfront Development. 

Happy golfing folks 


9 Hole Men

Spencer Tankard

A hardy group of 22 enthusiastic individuals braved the chill breeze and dodged the unforecast morning showers to enjoy an interesting round of golf.

We played the Front 9, the course was in excellent condition and just as challenging as always.

In spite of all that several of our pairs put together some brilliant rounds under the Russian Stableford format. The rest of us ranged from very good to just so-so.

Prize money was awarded as follows:

Ist 43 Stablefords Max Ritchie and Kevin Bowick

2nd 42 Stablefords Chris Hogan and Jerry Walker

3rd 41 Stablefords Ernest Taylor and Trevor Smith

4th 34 Stablefords Murray Wills and John Carmichael

Thank you all for taking the time to travel out to Fairview and make the day a success.

A couple of you actually managed to drive all the way to Katikati before waking up to the fact that you had driven past the turn-off!!

At least one of you didn’t read my emails and arrived at Omokoroa instead. I won’t mention names.

The final round of our informal competition will see us back at Omokoroa.

The format will be Stableford playing Bingo-Bingo-Bongo (Allan Hoskins favourite) of which I will send out more details next week.

Don’t forget that the official Club Opening Day is Friday 29th January, (next Friday).

Official Opening day for our 9-Hole Mens Group is Thursday 4th February. It’s scheduled as a Fun Day!

Happy Golfing!

Board Talk


Introducing Board Talk - an opportunity for the Omokoroa Golf Club Board of Management to communicate to members, about decisions being made, ideas and initiatives being considered and generally keeping members more up to date and better informed about Board matters.

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to the many members who volunteer their time, energy, skills and abundant goodwill to Omokoroa Golf Club. More recently, the club has organised and/or hosted some large events , along with adding real value to our Club by making significant upgrades to the course itself. The Board wishes to especially recognise the efforts of all of those members who offered and continue to offer their support.

The Board would like to warmly welcome Deborah. She has certainly ‘hit the ground running’ and has made a smooth transition into her new role as our club’s Administrative Manager.

Financially the Club is in a very sound and healthy position, which gives us the ability to plan for the future.

As you might be aware, the Club has more recently experienced some vandalism and inappropriate behaviour around the Clubhouse. In this respect, in consultation with Roy Hyland (Guild and Spence), we have agreed to improve upon our Club security by placing security cameras in a range of strategic locations. This will require the purchase and installation of a CCTV System16 Channel Receiver (with 4TB hard drive) with the capacity to record 24/7, including times and dates. Signs informing people of the cameras, will be made most visible.

Rob Mitford-Burgess (the Board’s link to Nathan and the Greenkeeping staff) has been very busy, developing a 3 Year Course Maintenance programme. The programme identifies the various projects and tasks that need to be done and stipulates appropriate timing. The Board also wishes to acknowledge Nathan and his team for the excellent work they do to keep our course in some great shape. With an increasing number of players over summer and with the recent tournaments, the Greenkeeping staff have been extra busy. We do thank members for their patience if they happen to find their games being held up a little by the ongoing tasks being performed by our Greenkeepers.

You will be pleased to know that there are plans afoot to clean up and resow the area currently used for dumping vegetation waste. In the future, branches and the like will be mulched. This summer has been particularly bad for paspalum growth and this is being currently managed by spot spraying. Nathan is also giving consideration to start morning mowing at 6:30 am rather than the current 7 am.

As per usual, our Club President….John Marsh (Swampy) has been busy with a number of projects in and around the course, including the cleaning and repainting of Tee signs; replacing spouting on starters office; tiling WCs etc. Thank you Swampy.

There are currently some Health and Safety concerns that Deb and the Board would like to bring to your attention. It is vital that admin are made aware of who is playing/going around on the course at any particular time. As things tighten up in the security and H&S world of NZ clubs we carry a responsibility to know who is in attendance when. This is so in worst-case scenario of catastrophic incidence or a health event like covid we can show due care and not be closed down. In this respect, we ask that our members especially keep their bookings and start times accurate.

If you are running an event/team with non-playing members or volunteers we will be needing to create a sign-in system (like if you went to a gym if you go in the door members swipe a card even if not working out). If you are booking a group tee-time online, please provide the names of your guests or if you add them as a ‘visitor’, please make sure that our office staff are aware of their names on arrival at the club. The office can show you how to load a visitor if you need assistance.

Is your ride-on golf cart/scooter or bike registered at the club? We legally need an up to date list of all motorised (not trundlers) vehicles used on the property. This applies to visitors also. There will be a register developing at the office so please check-in and register with Deb as she presently does not have an easy way to access this information.

Alan Winter is the Board’s ‘go-to’ guy for sponsorship. Alan is currently negotiating a key sponsorship package for the Club and he’s also keen to hear of anyone who would be interested in being a sponsor for a hole….what a great way to promote your business.

In the past, there have been complaints directed at the Club staff. This is no longer acceptable and therefore any and all complaints must be directed to the Board in writing. Our staff are there to serve us, not to be complained to. This must be respected.

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