Holes and Sponsors

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9    
Black 403 517 403 129 458 171 331 337 372 3121  
Blue 376 473 384 126 453 168 325 334 371 3010  
White 349 462 366 121 433 163 299 320 318 2831  
Yellow 309 423 312 117 408 155 284 313 282 2603  
Red 232 330 250 115 303 140 224 221 228 2043  
Par 4 5 4 3 5 3 4 4 4 36 TOTAL
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18    
Black 292 180 512 387 372 346 342 161 524 3116 6237
Blue 284 171 523 383 367 361 338 151 496 3074 6084
White 279 163 499 343 312 330 316 144 473 2859 5690
Yellow 273 138 411 300 297 285 299 140 434 2577 5180
Red 198 126 260 233 234 209 220 91 338 1909 3952
Par 4 3 5 4 4 4 4 3 5 36 72


seeka logo normal





Seeka Industries - 1st

From our first tee you get a view straight down our course and out onto the Tauranga Harbour. This par four that doglegs right is not an easy opening hole. Only one bunker is next to a green that can be hard to read. Average Score Men 5.46 Average Score Women 5.88.

craig king elec




Craig King Electrical - 2nd

A gentle par 5 often reachable for the big hitters, best drive down the centre to right side, avoid left hand trees. Lay up area is quite generous but avoid bunker on left. A good size green again sloping from back to front, try to stay under the hole. Average Score Men 6.27 Average Score Women 6.98.


whaka meats




Whaka Quality Meats - 3rd

One of the toughest par 4's on the course, an accurate drive required with trees left & water right. The green is raised with a severe run off to the right, tough to read. Average Score Men 5.55 Average Score Women 5.96.


bethelem wine





Bethlehem Wine & Spirits - 4th

Shortest par 3 on the course, don't be fooled by the green, it's a lot longer than it looks from the tee, club selection important, another tricky read on the sloping green. Average Score Mens 3.72 Average Score Womens 4.03. Omokoroa Pharmacy - 5th Definitely reachable par 5 with a good tee shot, good players should be looking for birdie here. Generous driving area but OB left & water right can distract. Hole narrows towards green making second shot difficult with a relatively easy putting surface. Average Score Men 6.01 Average Score Women 6.87. Omokoroa Country Estate - 6th A good short hole with water immediately off the tee, not really in play, but a big greenside bunker right & a big run off left quite a tough green to hit. Green slopes back to front being more severe nearer the back. Average Score Men 4.01 Average Score Women 4.31. - 7th Might look quite an easy hole but big numbers can be made here. A short par 4 with water all the way down the right. With a slightly raised green it makes the second shot hard to judge. The green itself like an upturned saucer, any ball close to the edge will roll off. Average Sore Men 5.05 Average Score Women 5.64. Bethlehem Butchery - 8th Quite a tough par 4, a good carry off the tee over water, OB tight left & trees right. Club selection important for approach as distance is difficult to judge on approach. A gentle unprotected green, but beware the beach all the way down the left!! Average Score Men 5.25 Average Score Women 5.93.




Claridges Real Estate - 9th

Excellent driving hole here with thick trees left & right for most leaving a slightly longer shot in to a raised green. Very tricky green with strong slopes, a must to stay beneath the hole. Average Score Men 5.34 Average Score Women 5.64.



sbs sponser




SBS Bank - 10th

Only iron or utility wood needed off the tee here, generous fairway leading up to a narrow entrance for the green with a bunker short & right. A nice subtle green. Good players will be looking for birdie here. Average Score Men 5.00 Average Score Women 5.64. Carters - 11th A tough par 3, OB right, trees & a big bunker left, club selection very important & accuracy needed. The green sucks balls towards the bunker on the left side. Average Score Men 4.09 Average Score Women 4.10. Classic Builders - 12th A long par 5 for even the big hitters its usually a three shot hole, a creek all the way down the left but quite a forgiving hole. The green slopes from back to front again not an easy one to read. Average Score Men 6.42 Average Score Women 6.86.







Gartshore - 13th

Maybe the toughest par 4 on the course, not too long but does require accuracy off the tee for a better approach to a small very sloping green. A hard target to hit with a very severe run off left towards a pond, very difficult green. Average Score Men 5.42 Average Score Women 5.95.



bethlehem pharmacy



Bethlehem Pharmacy - 14th

A straight hole with two very well placed fairway bunkers to catch your drive & quite a small green with a bunker front right. Another back to front slope on the green here making it difficult; be more cautious on this hole than you think! Average Score Men 5.13 Average Score Women 5.86.] Bella Rose Hair Design - 15th A dogleg left, only 3 wood needed off the tee but must stay centre or right side to avoid trees being in way of second shot. OB behind the green, a very gentle flat green. Average Score Men 5.23 Average Score Women 5.70.



omokoroa carriers





Omokoroa Transport - 16th

Another dogleg left & again no real need for the driver here. Thick trees left to avoid with quite a small receptive green with tricky subtle breaks protected by a bunker on the right. Average Score Men 5.22 Average Score Women 5.87.] Omokoroa Hire Centre - 17th A nice short hole with OB behind the green creeping closer on the left side, a pulled shot can end up on the beach! No bunkers here & quite a flat green but tricky to see the small breaks. Average Score Men 3.83 Average Score Women 4.14.








Weallens Petroleum - 18th

A finishing par 5 which with the wind is possible to reach in two. A creek running the full length of the hole down the left. A generous fairway & a big green which can host some great pin positions. The green has a McKenzie step on the left which raises that side & with bunkers left & right can play very tricky but a birdie chance here if played well. Average Score Men 6.30 Average Score Women 7.07.